Workers in Marion, Mattapoisett bid goodbye to pet colleagues

May 27, 2020

Workers in Marion and Mattapoisett returned to the Town House, Town Hall and other places of work on May 26, though the Town House is still closed to the public. For pet owners, this meant saying goodbye to a unique set of coworkers… at least until they clock out for the day. 

Marion Town Administrator Jay McGrail has been working from the Town House all along, but his wife Tarja has been working from home with their five year old yellow lab, Lucy.

His Town Clerk, Lissa Magauran, has been partially working from home, as have most other Marion employees. She said her dog Milo has been alternating back and forth between wanting his owner to give him some space, and thinking that Magauran’s presence at home meant that they could head out to favorite walk spots (and being disappointed when it wasn’t so).

The town’s Police Chief John Garcia hasn’t been working entirely from home. But he does log into the occasional video meeting there, allowing his 7 year old Pudelpointer Gus to make an appearance. 

Pudelpointers are an uncommon breed that originated in Germany that were recently accepted into the American Kennel Club.

“When I tell people I have a Pudelpointer, most assume it is a designer breed like a puggle or labradoodle,” Garcia wrote, but explained that he actually bought Gus because his breed is both a good hunting dog and a family dog. 

Garcia also has a 4 year old Boston Terrier named Oliver, or “Ollie.”  

Rochester Town Clerk Paul Dawson has been working from home with his seven-year old miniature dachshund, Piney. “As you can see, she took a moment from her busy schedule to allow her photo to be taken!” Dawson said jokingly. 

Mattapoisett Library Director Susan Pizzolato does not have a pet, but said she likes to watch her bird feeder and sent in a photo of a Baltimore Oriole. 

Her cataloger, Pamela Perry, has a cat named Lucy, who often helps with notes at Zoom meetings or guards Perry’s book bag from work. 

Lynn Haugen is home from work at the Mattapoisett Library, but just got a new puppy, appropriately named Booker. 

One of the Children’s Librarians, Heather Ripley, has an English Staffordshire terrier named Nacho. 

Katie Daener works at the Mattapoisett Library, and her husband Rob works at the Highway Department. They have a pug, Agnes, and a cat, Mavis, who love to snuggle on their bed or on their laps. 

Scott LeBlanc, with the Mattapoisett Police Department doesn’t get to work all day with his six-year-old Laboradoodle, Boomer, but he does come home to him.