Marion's ArtWeek Boston event to highlight 'The Art of the Kitchen'

Sep 23, 2015

Art can come in all shapes, sizes and flavors, a fact Anthi Frangiadis is making a reality this October.

The owner of Anthi Frangiadis Associates and the Drawing Room in Marion will host her second ArtWeek Boston Oct. 1 to 3, The Art of the Kitchen.

“I think food, wine and art go well together,” Frangiadis said.

Frangiadis first discovered ArtWeek Boston, a biannual event, while researching the organization ArtPlace America, which focuses on integrating communities and art.

“Their mission is about creative placemaking, which is something that I feel strongly about,” said Frangiadis. “I think Marion is a special place to begin with but could benefit from creative placemaking.”

With the Drawing Room, she has worked to create a destination where local art and craftsmanship intersects with residents. By bringing an ArtWeek event to town, she hopes to further encourage that interaction.

Joining Frangiadis on Thursday, Oct. 1 from 5 to 7 p.m. will be Chef Jennifer Wolfe Webb. A native of Kansas, Webb and her husband split their time between Marion and Ohio, where the chef is a culinary consultant and runs a cooking school at a winery.

Previously a college English teacher, Webb began taking culinary classes while staying home with her kids.

“I’m sort of like a chronic perpetual student,” said Webb. “I had to finish cooking school and have the culinary degree, too.”

Since receiving that degree in 1997, Webb has often taught cooking courses. She also had a brief stint working in a restaurant and owned her own catering company.

Oct. 1 will be Webb’s first professional cooking event in Marion, and she has a drool-inducing French-inspired menu planned for those who come to taste test.

There will be wild mushroom soup, braised autumn vegetables with a sage and orange brown butter sauce and Julia Child’s tart tatin.

“It’s going to be more of an informal interactive demo. They can come up and smell and taste and ask questions,” said Webb.

She will be using a set of copper pots from another guest of Frangiadis’ ArtWeek, Jim Hamann. The Rhode Island resident specializes in handcrafted fine copper kitchenware.

After the demonstration, Frangiadis will get down to brass tacks and offer several sessions on how to practically plan a kitchen renovation, including 15-minute brainstorm appointments on kitchen design on Friday morning. On Saturday, the owners of AP  Kimball construction will discuss budgeting for a kitchen renovation and a representative from Coastal Countertops will discuss the pros and cons of different materials.

The three-day event will highlight the three areas Webb says are important for the successful use of a kitchen.

“Making the kitchen a place that’s a joy to cook in has to do with having the cooking skills, having gorgeous pots to cook in and having the right space that works for you.”

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