Used car dealership coming to Marion

Sep 19, 2017

A new used car dealership is coming to Marion.

Dwight Crosby will open Tri-Town Motors at 149 Wareham St., where the old Comcast building is currently.

Crosby met with the Planning Board for a site-plan review application and a special permit application on Monday night. The special permit, specifically for the change of use of the property, was approved without a hitch.

The site-plan review was also approved, but with the conditions that Crosby needs to submit a landscape plan to the board, and that if he ever decides to change the lighting on the outside of the buildings it needs to come to the Planning Board for review first.

The plan was met with favorable reviews from both the board and abutters, with landscaping the only real concern of board members. The plan for the property showed the relocation of of two trees that are currently at the front of the property along Route 6.

Crosby wants to move those trees to the side of the property and so that the cars for sale that are parked in those roadside spots are visible for passersby.

“I would like to see that any developments that we work with along Route 6 make an area look nicer, not less nice,” Planning Board member Jennifer Francis said. “My request would be instead of removing the trees along Route 6, leave those and add additional greenery so it’s a nicer looking facility. I would suggest leaving that a green area instead of having car parked right up against the street.”

However, Crosby maintained that it was important for business for those cars to be visible, and that he wasn’t going to disregard the landscaping in that area all together.

“That front area you’re looking at, we’re condensing it,” he said. “It’ll be a flower bed, and we’re going to plant stuff out in front of the row of cars.”

Crosby added that the relocation of the trees would also help shield the neighbor’s house from the light that comes off the security lights on the side of the building.

Planning Board members didn’t back down with their insistence for attractive landscaping, with members Francis, Norm Hills and Steve Kokkins all strongly suggesting the use of evergreen plants that will be green year-round.

“I don’t have any problem with you relocating the trees, but the green area should have low lying evergreen vegetation,” Hills said. “…Move the trees but keep that area a green area right in front.”

Kokkins agreed, saying it would benefit everyone for the area to look nice.

“I’ve seen high end car lots…have a one-foot high-quality evergreen hedge, or grouping of plants,” he said. “Obviously nobody wants to obscure all of the cars from view, but something would relatively nice evergreen would help you and the town both.”

Neighbors in attendance were less concerned with landscaping, and more concerned with getting a new business into town.

“I think it’s a good fit, just looking at the simple design here it’s going to be better than what it is now,” Casey Barros said. “I think it’s going to better the area. I do support it and any business that wants to come into the neighborhood.”

Resident Susan Connor said she would be happy to see something different in town, and that she thinks Crosby would be an asset to the community.

“I would be thrilled to see Marion return to the type of town that encourages unique businesses that cater to what people are looking for,” Susan Connor said. “I bought a car from Dwight and will continue to buy from him, whether it’s here or in another community that benefits. Anyone would be lucky to have someone of [Crosby] to do business with.”

Ultimately, the board and the neighbors agreed it would be good for the town.

“I’m interested in seeing your business there,” Planning Board Chair Eileen Marum said. “I would like to see another business on Route 6, and yours would look a lot better than it does now.”

Crosby will be able to move forward once he submits his landscaping plan to the board.