New security measures taken at Center School

Sep 19, 2017

Center School got safer over the summer, and there are plans for it to become safer still.

New cameras have been installed outside of and throughout Center School.

"It pretty much covers any part of the building," Custodial Supervisor Craig Harrison said. "It's all color and high [definition]."

There are screens to monitor the cameras both in the front office and in Harrison's office. Additionally, the any moment from any day can be accessed in the footage at any time – a function that has already come in handy. Harrison said there was a report that someone may have been tampering with playground equipment.

"They said it was on a Thursday, so we were able to go right back and check," he said.

Additionally, during school breaks this year, a vestibule will be built in the front lobby of the school to provide another layer of security for the students. Currently, visitors buzz into the building and then are trusted to stop and sign in at the front office.

For any ill-intentioned visitors, there's no line of defense between the front door and the rest of the school. With the vestibule, visitors will gain access to the building from the front door, but will not have access to the rest of the school until they check-in at the front office.

The hope is for the vestibule to be completed during April break.