Sippican School Garden Club: "Happy fall!"

Oct 06

There was more than just fall in the air when the Sippican School Garden Club met on October 5. Bits of hay flew through the air, and onto shirts, as well, courtesy of the group's newest project—scarecrows.

The students built two scarecrows, a boy and a girl, with clothing donated from parents. While the girls set on the female scarecrow, the boys started on the male; a lumberjack, they decided. "Let's make him as fat as we can," one student said gleefully.

The students spent an hour stuffing the scarecrow, and their efforts did not go unnoticed. "Woah, I thought the bugs ate all of our pumpkins," Garden Club Coordinator Diane Cooke said. "Now I'm pretty sure it was this guy!"

Planning for winter continued as the students removed dead marigold flowers and harvested leeks from the gardens.

Several parents fought to arrange the new scarecrows on the garden fence. At Sippican School, at least, it's official: "Happy fall!"