Old Hammondtown celebrates good times, top MCAS scores

Oct 23, 2017

High test scores, all-school celebration. That's the formula for success at Old Hammondtown Elementary School.

Old Hammondtown students meet every morning in the gymnasium for a brief all-school meeting, but on Friday, October 20, the gym looked a little different.

This time, music was playing, lights were flashing, and balloons floated through the crowd.

The school had good reason to celebrate. Old Hammondtown scored at the 90th percentile for mathematics, and topped elementary schools on the South Coast, scoring in the 92nd percentile in English/Language Arts.

In honor of their students' hard work, Old Hammondtown faculty decided an MCAS Celebration Rally was in order. Fifth-grade teacher Amy Casi revealed at the meeting that MCAS scores had been released, and how well Old Hammondtown's students had done.

To celebrate, she led the students in performing a "sitting wave." With enthusiasm high, she then told the students to make some noise, enough to register on the electronic noise meter displayed over the projector.

Not done yet, Old Hammondtown's staff weaved through the sitting students, giving them high-fives and congratulating the students on their success.

Watch video of Old Hammondtown's MCAS Celebration Rally! Video courtesy: Michael Bowman