ORR's Harry Smith sets new touchdown record as Bulldogs advance

Nov 4, 2017

The Old Rochester Bulldogs varsity football team saw more than one victory on Friday, November 3. They continuing on to the sectional championships after defeating Rockland—and after senior running back Harry Smith broke his second record of the year.

Months after earning a career touchdown record, with 34 touchdowns, Smith scored his 22nd touchdown of the season in the game's third quarter.

Smith's third-quarter touchdown broke the record of 21 touchdowns in a season, previously held by Old Rochester Athletic Hall of Fame member Patrick O'Connor, a member of the class of 2004.

Smith broke the career touchdown record previously held by Frank Oliva (who played from 1974-1976) when he scored his 34th touchdown in September, beating Oliva's record of 30.

Smith's record touchdown against Rockland moves his total number of career touchdowns to 50.

The Bulldogs defeated Rockland 12-6, earning the team a spot in the sectional championships. The Bulldogs belong to the South Section 6, which also includes Middleboro, Rockland, Dedham and Norwell among others.

The team's win means that it will face Middleboro in the South Section 6 championship finals; the game will be held at ORR on Friday, November 10, beginning at 7 p.m.