A berry good morning at Mattapoisett Library

Nov 17, 2017

Young children bounced their way into Mattapoisett Library on Thursday morning for storytime with Dr. John Porter from A.D. Makepeace.

Porter taught the children the ins and outs of the cranberry industry before reading "Clarence, the Cranberry That Couldn't Bounce."

"To tell if a berry is good, it has to bounce" Porter explained.

Porter then taught the children how to make their own mini bogs in a cup, as well as showed them how the berries float in water.

"We flood the bogs to get berries to float to the surface," he said. "Then, we can suck berries right out of the water."

Participants also got the chance to give the Thanksgiving berry a try.

"If you want to taste them, they're very sour," Porter said.