Post-Thanksgiving walk goes to the dogs

Nov 27, 2017

A post-Thanksgiving walk hosted by the Sippican Lands Trust not only helped burn off a heavy Turkey Day meal, but also gave dogs an energy outlet—and introduced a little-known part of Marion.

The dog walk was held at the Lands Trust's White Eagle property, far off of Parlowtown Road and Route 6. The property is at the end of a long dirt road, behind an abandoned cranberry bog.

Sippican Lands Trust Head Steward Yelena Sheynin led the walk. She had her own dog Annie, a Jack Russell mix alongside. Annie who happily introduced herself to other dogs on the walk, led most of the tour, behaving off-leash but mainly running a distance ahead.

The trail the group took runs alongside a current cranberry bog, and includes a big part of what used to be the railroad tracks that ran through Mattapoisett. "At some point," Sheynin said, "this is supposed to become the Mattapoisett Bike Trail."

Another section of the trail opened to an old stone fireplace, which seemed oddly situated in the middle of the woods.

Sheynin explained that the land had once been private property, and the stone fireplace belonged to a home that had once been on the site. The group posed for a photo at the fireplace.

The trail also curved through old forest, marshy areas and next to a few small ponds. By the end of the forty-five minute walk, most of the dogs had expended enough energy to walk quietly.