Southcoast Health awards grant to Marion Waterfront Memory Cafe

Dec 5, 2017

The Marion Waterfront Memory Café offers individuals with some type of memory loss the opportunity to meet face to face with people who are going through experiences similar to theirs.

“Our Memory Café is a weekly gathering where everyone can interact, find support, establish friendships and share concerns without feeling embarrassed or misunderstood,” said Marion Council on Aging Program Director Karen Gregory. “Coming together with others who are experiencing the same challenges in a non-judgmental environment makes the world less confusing and lonely. We are profoundly grateful to funding partners like the Southcoast Health that enable us to continue providing this vital community service.”

Through its Community Benefits Impact Opportunity program, Southcoast Health awarded a grant of $2,000 in support of the Marion Memory Café.

“Families coming face to face with the devastating effects of memory disorders can turn to the Marion Memory Café for a respite from the stresses and pressure that can be overwhelming,” said Kerry Mello, Community Benefits Manager at Southcoast Health. “We are pleased to support this important program that fits perfectly within the health priority areas of our community outreach and helps so many people.”

 The Waterfront Memory Café is a free event that meets every Wednesday at the Benjamin D. Cushing Community Center under the aegis of the Marion Council on Aging and includes lunch and relaxing activities such as games, music, crafts and occasional speakers.

 Southcoast Health awards grants totaling up to $125,000 to non-profit organizations that are working to address unmet health needs in the South Coast region through its Community Benefits Impact Opportunity program. Southcoast Health’s annual Community Benefits Impact Opportunity program is part of larger community benefits efforts which positively impact hundreds of thousands of residents on the South Coast.  In 2016, Southcoast Health invested a total of $18.8 million in community benefits.