Old Colony student sharing secrets to investment success

Feb 10, 2018

Is it possible for a student in high school to teach other students how to trade stocks?

Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical School junior Dante Vitale would say yes. The Culinary Arts student spends his spare time investing in stocks like Apple and Tesla.

Vitale considers himself a "risky" investor. He's invested 22 1/2 percent of his capital investment in what he calls "blue chip" stocks—stocks from large, wealthy, and well-established companies.

He's also invested 18 1/2 percent of his capital investments in the small and medium market, where overall, a company's stocks are worth $10 billion or less. These types of stocks tend to be riskier—they can fail, or they can provide a larger-than average payout. As a younger investor, Vitale is willing to take the risk.

The other 60 percent of Vitale's capital investment are allocated in Forex, the Foreign Exchange Market.

Vitale has been trading since September 2015, which marked the start of his freshman year at Old Colony. He began with "demo" accounts, which are simulated accounts, meant for practice before opening a live trading account.

Eventually, he graduated to a live trading account. Vitale's live account allows him to place buy and sell orders from around the globe and (hopefully) profit from the investment.

Vitale's interest in the global stock market began when he came across the story of investment teacher Nehemiah Douglass in a magazine article. Douglass, a college dropout, is now the owner of Vision Trading Network. Douglass' company trains interested people to use the Forex market effectively. Vitale reached out to Douglass and became his student.

Vitale has now become a teacher himself— he teaches other students how to invest in the foreign exchange market. He started with 30 students; now that number is up to 50 students, including seven students from Old Colony.

Vitale teaches his students using certain different applications on the internet. He also uses Google Classroom to house his worksheets and forms, and utilizes Telegram, a group-chat application, to reach out to students as a group.

The students place their trades in MetaTrader4, an online trading application used by investors around the world.

Vitale's class is free for students who are interested in learning how to invest in the stock market.

Zachary McMahon is a sophomore at Old Colony Regional Vocational Technical High School.