Elected positions still available on Rochester boards

Feb 13, 2018

While Rochester's selectmen and Planning Board races are turning into several-candidate races, other elected positions are still waiting for potential candidates.

Of the town's two open Trustees of Plumb Library positions, only one set of nomination papers has been taken out, leaving another empty seat.

Additionally, neither Veronica Lafreniere of the Cemetery Commission, nor incumbent Kenneth Ross of the town's Park Commission have taken out papers, leaving empty seats on both boards.

In addition, Town Moderator Kirby Gilmore's term expires this year. Currently, nobody has pulled papers to replace him. Town Clerk Naida Parker said she expected Gilmore himself to pull papers shortly, though.

Other elected positions up for reelection include Parker's seat on the Board of Selectmen, two seats on Rochester's Planning Board, a seat on the Board of Assessors, Tree Warden, a position on the Board of Health, two seats on the Rochester School Committee, seat on the ORR School Committee, and a seat on the Water Commission.

Three candidates—Paul Ciaburri, Cathy Mendoza and David Arancio—are running for Parker's selectman position. A current four-way race will see Planning Board incumbents Ben Bailey and John DiMaggio attempt to return to their seats, joined by residents Bill Milka and David Shaw. Jana Cavanaugh is also looking to return to the Board of Assessors, while Jeffrey Eldridge and Michael Conway will run to remain Tree Warden and member of the Water Commission, respectively. Tina Rood and Robin Rounseville have taken out papers to return to the Rochester School Committee, while Cary Humphreys is attempting to return to the ORR School Committee.