'B' is for 'bibliopole': Vocabulary parade at Rochester Memorial

Feb 18, 2018

Grade 2 and 3 students and their families celebrated spelling success at Rochester Memorial School on Feb. 16, acting out spelling words they were told to embody.

Principal Derek Medeiros's vocabulary word (or words, really) was "business casual," which he demonstrated with his attire.

One student was dressed in a gray mustache, suspenders, a bow tie and checked shirt. His word was "bibliopole." Surely, that word is "bibliophile," which indicates someone who loves books?

The answer is, not at all. A bibliopole is someone who deals in the buying and selling of books, particularly rare books; hence the box of books the student was carrying.

A teacher held a sign depicting a wide-open mouth. The picture was appropriate, considering that the teacher's vocabulary word, "garrolous," means excessively talkative.

After the vocabulary parade, students, families and staffs settled in for a few rounds of family bingo.