Old Rochester students to protest against gun violence

Mar 9, 2018

Students at Old Rochester Regional Junior High School and Old Rochester Regional High School are planning to take part in a nationwide protest against gun violence in schools on March 14.

The protest is part of "National School Walkout Day," where staff, students, and faculty of schools across the United States will walk out of class to protest  what they consider a lack of gun ownership regulations. The walkout is scheduled to run from 10-10:17 a.m.

The 17-minute protest is meant to honor of the 17 victims of the recent Parkland, Florida school shooting.

The high school's walkout is being organized by students Madeline Scheub, Ellie Wiggin, Jenna Aruri and Elle Gendreau. Scheub said students were planning to walk out, "because we think it is important to not only memorialize the 17 people that lost their lives, but also to take a united stand with students in schools across the country to protest to make sure both students and faculty feel safe in their schools. [The situation is] unique in the way that many different sides can agree that there needs to be change, even though they may not necessarily agree on what degree of change there should be."

"[The walkout] is probably one of the biggest student-organized walkouts in history," she added. "Older people have always dominated voting turnouts in the past...younger Americans are showing their passion to fight for a change and influence in coming election years."

Nor will the students' vision of change end with the walkout.

"After the walkout, we'll continue to fight for our cause," Scheub said, "and support victims and families of the Parkland shooting by writing letters to Congress, creating care packages and letters for families and students, and having discussions in student groups on what can be done to promote change."