Storms will keep Old Rochester students in class until late June

Mar 23, 2018

Four nor'easters in the same number of weeks means that students of the Old Rochester Regional School District will spend a little extra time in school this year—sorry, students!

The last day of school was originally scheduled for June 14, but students will now stay in school until June 25, after the district repeatedly canceled school days in the wake of storms and power outages.

"This has been a rather unusual year," said Old Rochester Regional School District Superintendent Doug White at an Old Rochester School Committee meeting on March 22. "I know our last day is June 25, but we aren't even the worst off. Some schools are already in school until June 30 and looking for new ways to support 180 days of education."

All public schools in Massachusetts are required to schedule 185 days of school for students, and for students to spend at least 180 days in school.

"Up to March 31, you have to make up any and all days you lose," White explained.

Some parents who attended the meeting were concerned about their children missing Advanced Placement classes due to snow.

"AP testing is all done on one day in May," said Old Rochester Regional High School Principal Mike Devoll."So if days are missed, they're missed. Luckily, we have Bulldog Block. Several AP teachers are equally worried, and have even held classes in the evening, so that students can still study. We don't want them to miss anything."

Bulldog Block is a flexible block of time during the school day during which students can catch up on missed work and get help on things they don't understand.

The School Committee also approved the 2018-2019 school year calendar during the meeting. School is scheduled to begin on August 28.