Selectmen took away residents' right to opinion

Mar 26, 2018

To the Editor:

As a lifelong resident of Marion, I've come to love our town in so many ways. I feel fortunate to raise my family and run a small business in such a wonderful community. Over the years there have been many important issues put to our elected officials and the voters of Marion to debate and resolve.

The current Town House issue has triggered a significant amount of financial and emotional debate to say the least. Discussion on such issues that impact the standard of living and way of life of our residents is healthy and assures folks that their voice matters. It's a fundamental right that we are privileged with as citizens of the United States of America.

The recent decision by the Selectman to "remove the request for $5,107,560 for the new Town House from the Town Meeting warrant," has taken away the voice of the voters.

I am disappointed with Mr. Hill's and Mr. Dickerson's assertion that they have the authority over the voters on such a polarizing issue. It's my understanding that our elected officials are charged with the "administration over the affairs of the town."

Important components of their "administrative responsibilities" are to collect and disseminate facts on the issues devoid of emotional and personal view; to provide a forum for voters to debate the topics; and to comply with the wishes of the voters.

Am I missing something here? Given that I hadn't yet formulated my own opinion on the Town House project, it appears that it doesn't even matter anymore. The decision has been made for me and you too.

Dana Nilson

116 Converse Road