New consignment store opens in Mattapoisett

Mar 26, 2018

Consignment fans may have noticed a new store has opened up shop in Mattapoisett.

Nina Datshkovsky-Ennis opened the Seahorse Attic, located on Route 6 near Oxford Creamery, at the beginning of March.

Datshkovsky-Ennis also owns The Logoshops consignment store in Marion, and said she decided to branch out to sell more furniture and merchandise at the new store in Mattapoisett.

“In November my friends told me this space would be available, and I thought that it would be perfect for separating the two businesses,” she said.

Her inspiration to consign furniture came partly from her parents.

“My dad passed away almost 13 years ago and my mom passed away almost three years ago,” she said. “My dad used to save a lot of stuff. I’m bringing some of that stuff here now.”

Datshkovsky-Ennis grew up in Mexico, and her sister who still lives there also opened an antique store.

“We miss [our parents],” she said. “But we think they kind of helped us to do this.”

After growing up in Mexico City, and then spending seven years living in Cancun, Datshkovsky-Ennis met her first husband and moved to Rhode Island. After her first marriage ended, she met Stephen Ennis. They married and she moved to Mattapoisett with him and her two kids to be near his family.

“I love it here,” she said. “It’s beautiful and healthy.”