School Committee honors junior firefighters

Mar 27, 2018

The Marion Mattapoisett Rochester Hose Company and EMS Explorer Post 343 was honored by the Old Rochester Regional School Committee for promoting team-building and leadership abilities among students.

The program teaches students EMS and firefighting skills, and gives a leg up to students interested in attending the Fire Academy to become a firefighter.

“I started my career as a junior firefighter,” Mattapoisett Lt. Justin Dubois said.

Junior Firefighter Amber Jones said that the program had been inspiring and rewarding for her.

“We’re ending our senior year and now we all have a new path that we’re going on,” she said. “Because of the staff and each other we’re working on ourselves and better ourselves and preparing for the future.”

Each student got a recognition award, and officials from the tri-town fire departments were given mentorship awards.

“We wanted to recognize the professionals for caring for our kids,” School Committee member Joe Pires said. “This is our 'Mentor of Our Youth' award. It’s amazing to see what you’ve done in such a short time.”