All about ArtWeek in Marion

Apr 23, 2018

Take art into your own hands from April 27 to May 6 as Marion celebrates ArtWeek -- a statewide festival that features interactive creative experiences that offer behind-the-scenes access to the arts, culture, and the creative process.

ArtWeek began in Boston in 2013 and has since expanded throughout the Commonwealth. Anthi Frangiadis, an architect, artist, and Spring Street storeowner, hosted events as part of ArtWeek in the past. In hopes of bringing ArtWeek to the tri-town area on a larger scale, Frangiadis organized a group to explore how that might happen.

Check out the April 26 edition of Sippican Week for a special pullout guide with everything you need to know about ArtWeek!

Marion Art Center board member Jennifer Wolfe Webb saw ArtWeek as an opportunity for the MAC to shine. Webb organized a MAC committee to plan ArtWeek, "and with the help of generous donors," has created a program that she and her committee call "a gift to Marion."

Frangiadis and the MAC have been named "Community Catalysts" by ArtWeek Massachusetts.

More than a dozen events are planned -- focusing on music, theater, and visual arts and crafts. Sharpen your acting or improv skills. Learn the intricacies of theater sound and lighting. Take a painting lesson, dye a silk scarf, and get the kids singing, dancing, and journaling. Take in a live painting demonstration at the Drawing Room. Learn how to light your home and your art.

There are experiences for all ages and, in keeping with the ArtWeek Massachusetts' mission, the events are low-cost or free.

For information about everything going on during ArtWeek, turn to Pages 6 and 7 of this guide.

What's with the purple lights?

The Marion Art Center's purple door is a well-known sight in Marion Village. And, ArtWeek organizers say, "purple is the color of imagination and creativity." During ArtWeek, the town will glow purple in support of the arts.

Organizers invite residents, businesses, and organizations to swap traditional lightbulbs for purple ones and/or string purple lights around their properties in celebration of ArtWeek.

Purple lights can be purchased at Anthi’s Drawing Room, 11 Spring Street, or simply pick some up at your favorite retailer.