ArtWeek in Marion has its own cocktail

Apr 25, 2018

Oh, yes. You read that correctly. ArtWeek in Marion has its own cocktail. It's called the Yankee Whaler.

Take art into your own hands from April 27 to May 6 as Marion celebrates ArtWeek -- a statewide festival that features interactive creative experiences that offer behind-the-scenes access to the arts, culture, and the creative process.

Inspired by South Coast artist and knot expert Clifford Ashley and named for his 1926 book, The Yankee Whaler, the beverage -- concocted by Chris Thibeault of the Atlantic Bistro -- features Twenty Boat Cape Cod rum, a lime juice mix, cranberry juice (a nod to local growers), and bitters. It's garnished with blood orange.

A Clifford Ashley painting hangs on the wall of the Spring Street restaurant -- and it's no coincidence. As Thibeault explains, his father's mother's mother was an Ashley. A local history and art buff, it's appropriate that his ArtWeek beverage would pay homage to that branch of his family tree.

Thibeault said he was approached by ArtWeek promoter Anthi Frangiadis about getting involved with the event.

"We are doing all we can to be as involved as we can in the community," noted Thibeault, who opened the restaurant with his wife, Jennifer, last year.

Try out ArtWeek's official beverage at the Atlantic Bistro, 167 Spring Street.