Marion Garden Group to launch initiative to 'beautify' town's entrances

Jun 23, 2018

The Marion Garden Group is planning a new initiative to “beautify” the roadside entrances to the town.

The new initiative is being spearheaded by Liz Hatch, the newly elected vice president of the Garden Group. Plans include the installation of a new “Welcome to Marion” sign outside of the Captain Hadley House on the corner of Route 6 and Front Street and planting gardens along Route 6 and Route 105.

“I was inspired by the efforts communities such as Tiverton, Rhode Island, Osterville and Chatham have made to beautify the road islands and entrance areas, and what a difference it made to their towns,” Hatch said. “I think the same effort here could be transformative for Marion.”

Hatch presented the Garden Group’s plans to the Board of Selectmen earlier this month. Board members said they supported the effort, but wanted to take a look at the town's bylaws to ensure none would be violated by the group's work.

The welcome sign at the Hadley House gave board members pause, though they approved the use of the town seal on the prospective sign. Because the sign would be erected on private property, selectmen cautioned that it could violate zoning bylaws, depending on its size.

The Garden Group’s plans to plant flowers along the roadside entrances to Marion were also met with warnings from the board.

Selectman Randy Parker said that although he thinks the initiative is a “great idea,” the land is under the jurisdiction of the Marion Open Space Acquisition Committee, and any landscaping would require its approval.

Other roadside parcels of land the Garden Group is hoping to landscape are owned by the state, potentially creating additional obstacles, Parker said.

The Garden Group’s beautification project is driven by donations. An upcoming fundraiser is being planned.