Rochester Police entrance exam to be held in October

Jun 26, 2018

The Rochester Police Department will offer an entrance exam for prospective officers on October 27.

The department is currently seeking part-time officers, but full-time positions may be available in the future.

The Rochester Police Department, which serves approximately 5,500 residents, employs 11 full-time officers, five part-time officers.

Because of the small size of the department, officers handle many of their own cases from start to finish, department representatives said. This allows officers the opportunity to participate in investigations, write and serve warrants, and make arrests as a result of their own work.

Officers have the opportunity to join the department's bike patrol and ATV patrol, as well as specialized units such as the dive team, SWAT teams, and search-and-rescue teams coordinated by the Southeastern Massachusetts Law Enforcement Council (SEMLEC).

Registration for the entrance exam must be completed online through the testing company Police Exam Solutions at The website includes details and eligibility requirements. Any questions are to be directed to the testing company through the "contact us" section of that website.

Any calls made directly to the police department or Police Exam Solutions may disqualify candidates from being hired.