Lebanese Kitchen opens 'softly'

Jul 16, 2018

The Lebanese Kitchen quietly opened a few weeks ago, but it was more for training its new employees and working out logistics than it was to start serving customers, according to Gary Moujabber, the Route 6 restaurant's general manager.

"We're not officially opening yet," Moujabber said. "People have been coming and we're not turning them away but we're warning them the wait will be long. The waits have been long but people don't seem to mind."

Moujabber, whose parents, Nabih and Nouhad Moujabber, own the restaurant, said the true opening will be in a few more weeks. An exact date for the grand opening has not been set yet. He thanked the community for their support and patience.

"We are still in a soft opening phase," the younger Moujabber said. "We're working with the staff training and working out the bugs. Please bear with us as we go through  these growing pains."

The Moujabbers had hoped to open the 79 Fairhaven Road restaurant earlier but not long after purchasing it two years ago realized the building needed significant renovations.

The Moujabbers, who owned and operated the famed Lebanese Kitchen in New Bedford for 30 years before a July 11, 2014 fire destroyed the building, purchased the former Mattapoisett Chowder House building in March of 2016.

The Mattapoisett Chowder House abruptly closed permanently after dinner service in July of 2013. A public auction was held in June of 2015, yielding one $35,000 bidder, but no takers. Months later, the property was sold to two local investors for $230,000 and subsequently relisted on MLS. The Moujabber's bought the property, which includes the restaurant and more than an acre of land, for $350,000.