A flower shop grows again in Mattapoisett

Jul 31, 2018

Mattapoisett has some of the best private and public gardens in the tritown area but until recently it didn't have a florist. That changed early this month.

On July 2, Holly Turner opened Blossoms Flower Shop  at 23 County Road in a spot that used to house a dry cleaner.

"It's a full service florist," Turner said in her new whitewashed shop facing Route 6. "You can come in and buy one flower. You can buy a bouquet, silks, or arrangements. We do weddings and funerals. We deliver to all the surrounding towns. We can send flowers wherever you like."

It's not the first time Turner has had a floral shop in town. Thirteen years ago, she closed a like-named shop that was located next to Seahorse Liquors on Route 6, because she had gotten married and was about to become a mother.

She decided to devote herself to child rearing and took a job with an accounting firm. But her lifelong passion for flowers and floral design kept creeping back into her consciousness.

"I started working in a flower shop in Marion when I was 16 years old after school, and summers," Turner said, adding that she also worked at a flower shop in Rochester.

"When that shop (in Rochester) closed I was at UMass Dartmouth, which was SMU at the time, and I decided I missed it."

Fresh out of college, she took a  floral design course and started her own florist business in Rochester, buying an operation from the previous operator.

"At 21, I started my own business called Country Charm," Turner recalled. "I kept it in Rochester for a couple of years and then I moved it to Mattapoisett and I changed the name to Blossoms Flower Shop.'I ran it here for 13 years on County Road, on one side of where Seahorse Package Store is."

But then she married, had a baby honed her financial tracking skills at the accounting firm, and longed to get back into the florist business.

It was while she was volunteering at St. Anthony's Christmas Fair working with floral designs that the old floral fire reignited.

"I came home with a big smile on my face and my husband said 'What's going on? I haven't seen you this happy in like forever.' But it was just getting back into it, getting my hands dirty, being able to work with people, selling wreaths and arrangements. That was when I knew I  had to go back to the business."

Turner started to put some feelers out to find a spot in town.

"I really wanted to be in Mattapoisett," said Turner, who grew up in Marion and Mattapoisett. "In April, I got a text from a friend who said this spot would be opening up, so I went and saw the owner and she said, 'Sure, if you want it.' "

She and her family went to work getting the space ready.

"It needed a lot of work. We came in at night. My husband, Truman, works during the day so all of the work was at night. I could not have done this without him and my daughter, Holyn," she said.

With her family's support, Turner says she's in business for the long haul.

"Last time it was just me, but this time we're doing it as a family business. (Truman) did all the flooring, the painting. He did everything here, which was huge. We still have some things that need to be done, but we had enough done to open the doors on July 2."

Their daughter, Holyn, 13, an incoming freshman at Old Rochester Regional High School, took over social media, created an Intagram account and fashioned a website. She helps quite a bit in the shop, working side-by-side with her mother.

"I designed the signs and the business cards and the logo for Blossoms, and I'm working on the website," Holyn said.

Turner credits her own mother, Sharon Spector, with igniting her love of flowers.

"My mom is an amazing gardener," she said. "We always were playing around with flowers growing up, even if it was just picking stuff up off the side of the road. I think that helped me a lot and probably what got me into it."

The first day of business for the redubbed flower shop re-enforced Turner's feeling that she had made the right decision.

"It was great. People have been so supportive," she said. "July is a quiet month, but everybody has been so receptive.

"We just feel so blessed and I know, with everything we've gone through," Turner said. "I've never regretted it. I know this is what I was suppose to do."