Time to drain a county swamp?

Aug 7, 2018

To the Editor:

I’m a long-time registered voter, but I’m just learning how important the race for District Attorney is in each County in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts. The DAs and their staff prosecute people accused of crimes -- murder, arson, domestic violence, grand theft, embezzlement — and we need them to be competent, impartial and successful.

In Plymouth County, we’ve had the same DA for nearly 20 years. The budget is bloated, jail populations and operating costs are high, and opioid addiction is still treated as a crime rather than an illness. Does our county have its own swamp that needs draining?

To have a choice in November, ask for a Democratic Primary Ballot on September 4th and write in JOHN BRADLEY, 27 Burgess Road, Plymouth.

Susan Teal