‘Artisans of Dexter Beach’ exhibit opens at Marion COA

Jul 9, 2021

MARION — With covid fears fading, visitors of the Marion Council on Aging will once again be greeted with colorful works of art adorning the walls, curated as always by resident Marion artist Mary Ross.

In only the second show of the year at the community center, Ross has assembled a truly personal show featuring only artists from her beloved community of Dexter Beach.

The mixed-media artists have emerged over time under various degrees of tutelage from Ross, a lifelong artist, but have gone on to forge their own styles and mediums.

Though Ross originally started as an oil painter, she eventually settled on collage as one of her favorite mediums.

“With a collage, you don’t have to glue anything down until you’ve got it right,” she said. “With a painting it’s different.”

Though Ross has passed on her knowledge of collage to many of the artists in the close-knit neighborhood, they have used the acquired skills in many creative ways.

One such artist, Debbie Kuhlman-Hussey, substitutes paper for fabric in making vibrant patchwork quilts.

Another, Carol Annichiarico, makes mosaics from pieces of seaglass she finds on her walks along the beach.

Diana Parsons, who typically paints with watercolors, will sometimes cut out a painted object and then superimpose it over a painted background to create a sense of depth.

“I like that Mary kind of gets me out and gets me working,” said Parsons, explaining that all artists need inspiration and Ross has been a consistent source of new ideas.

All of the 10-11 artists in the community have a connection to Ross, some having known her for almost their entire lives.

“I just like to talk about art if anyone will listen,” said Ross.

The show will be on display at the Council on Aging building throughout July.