‘Perspectives’ of local photographers on display at Marion Art Center

Mar 2, 2024

MARION — The walls inside the Marion Art Center had a new look on Saturday, March 2 for the opening reception of a new exhibit titled ‘Perspectives’.

The exhibit features pictures taken by three photographers — Andrew Kepinksi, Tianxu Zhou, and Lucio Garafolo.

Zhou teaches music at Tabor Academy and leads multiple choral groups in the area. Zhou took most of the exhibited pictures in Marion and Japan.

“My father bought me my first camera as a gift when I was in college,” said Zhou. “It started as a hobby that I did when I could.”

Zhou, whose father was a professional sports photographer, said that over the years he has spent more and more time taking pictures.

“My passion is black and white photos,” said Zhou. “Most people think of black and white as an absence of color…I think of it as an opportunity for the imagination.”

Along with numerous black and white photos, Zhou also had photographs full of color featured. One colorful photo,taken at Tabor Academy’s Wickenden Chapel, showcased a rainbow of lights reflecting from the sun through a window.

Zhou explained that he had taken notice of those lights many times while teaching but did not have his camera with him, so one day he finally brought his camera to Wickenden Chapel to take some shots.

“Most of the time I know whether I want a picture to be in black and white or in color before I take it,” said Zhou.

Kepinski’s collection of photographs mainly featured portraits of people wearing bright clothing at a festival called Afropunk, which takes place in Brooklyn every year.

He said that he grew up as an avid skateboarder and took a liking to images featured in skateboarding magazines. Before he knew it, Kepinski and his friends were taking pictures of each other doing what they loved.

This eventually developed into an interest in “street photography.”

“I’d walk around cities, exploring and taking pictures of simple things that would catch my eye,” said Kepinski.

Today, Kepinski has his own studio and often collaborates with others through social media to be featured in his portraits.

The majority of Garafolo’s work featured in the gallery, all of which was black and white, was taken in Boston, Italy and Germany.

Garafolo resides in Italy and most of his work focuses on city infrastructure and design.

The pieces in the ‘Perspectives’ gallery will be on display and available for purchase until Friday, April 5.