“Arts in Action” returns to Sippican School

Apr 13, 2023

MARION— Six-year-old Layla Renaud searched for her artwork among the 1,200 pieces of student art hung in the Sippican School auditorium on Thursday, April 13. 

“I found one of mine,” she said while pointing at a green woven alligator created with paper. 

Renaud’s piece was one of student works inspired by global art work during the annual “Arts in Action” festival. 

“He has sharp teeth and nails,” she said. “But my favorite part was gluing the googly eyes.” 

According to art teacher Katie Pike, this is the first time the event has returned in five years. Pike said that she wanted to “come back with a bang.”

Pike said that the event was held every other year prior to the Covid pandemic which stalled the school from hosting the event. 

“Clearly I was overzealous,” she said, referring to the amount of artwork on display. “When I realized that I had a whole auditorium we could utilize, I knew we had to go big.”

Students visited craft tables to create beaded bracelets, dot paintings, drawings and more. According to Pike, students are encouraged to explore a wide range of art mediums including pastels, watercolor and weaving.

 “We are viewing the art and we are also taking action by creating art,” said Pike.

Despite her favorite animal being a hedgehog, nine-year-old Crosby Ribeiro decided to make a dot painting of a yellow duck using a Q-tip and acrylic paint.

“I really like hedgehogs but I like ducks too,” she said.

Students exemplified “Art in Action” with musical performances and dance routines in the music program’s cafe ran by parent volunteers. 

 Eleven-year-old Issac Barret knows how to play a range of instruments including the French horn and piano, but decided to play the marimba with the Mallet Club- a student percussion group. 

“Its a fun night,” said Barret. “I get to see my friends play.”

Boston artist Bren Bataclan performed a live painting demonstration of unique cartoon characters.

According to Pike, all proceeds raised by ticket sales will go towards the art program.