Bennett Farm Concert Series returns for 27th year

Aug 13, 2023

ROCHESTER — Twenty-seven years ago the Bennett Farm Concert Series “started with a dream,” said Rochester musician Rebecca Correia.

On Saturday, Aug. 12, this year’s concert brought musicians to Bennett Farm in Rochester from across the state and across the country.

“The goal was to bring the community together through music [and] to bring us together in a safe environment to keep the arts alive,” said Rebecca.

This year’s lineup of musicians were all people that Rebecca has met in her travels.

“Some are local, some are national, some have even played beyond the United States,” she said. “I think they’re incredible and deserve to be seen and heard.”

Rebecca said that the highlight of this year’s show were Martha’s Vineyard artists Kate Taylor, Issac Taylor and Phil Darosa.

“What’s really special about Kate and Issac is that they come from a musical family,” she said.

Kate Taylor’s brother siblings are American musicians James Taylor, Livingston Taylor and Alex Taylor. Issac Taylor is her nephew.

“They all were musical growing up, it’s a real honor to have [Kate Taylor and Issac Taylor] together and sharing their stories,” said Rebecca.

The Taylors aren’t the only musical family playing the Bennett Farm Concert Series.

Isabella Correia, Rebecca’s niece, also played at the concert.

“That’s one of the cool things about music,” said Rebecca. “You’ll find musical families … My family has a long history of music … Isabella is a sophomore in college, she is her own artist and we’re really proud of her.”

This year’s concert also featured performers who have never played the Bennett Farm Concert Series, like Boston’s Rolling Nectar, and New York musician, songwriter and producer Jeff Cohen.

For Robin Correia, Rebecca’s mother, the Bennett Farm Concert Series has been “a wonderful journey,” over the last 27 years.

“[Rebecca] has always included [her family] and we’ve met some amazing people and we continue to meet amazing, talented people,” said Robin.

Rebecca hopes that the audience left “inspired,” and as “fans of new artists.”

“I hope they tell their friends, come back next year and many many years to come,” she said.