Biden, Trump lead Tri-Town results in presidential primaries

Mar 6, 2024

Voters across Rochester, Marion and Mattapoisett traveled through gray and wet conditions Tuesday, March 5 to cast ballots in the 2024 presidential primaries.

Throughout the Tri-Town, President Joe Biden and former President Donald Trump led votes in the Democratic and Republican primaries respectively, though Trump’s leading margin over Nikki Haley in Marion and Mattapoisett was far more narrow than in Rochester.

In Rochester, Biden received 398 votes, according to unofficial results. Dean Phillips followed with 29 and Marianne Williamson with 18. 37 voters submitted no preference.

On the Republican side, 738 voters cast ballots for Trump. Nikki Haley followed with 247.

In Marion, Biden received 603 votes, according to unofficial results. Phillips received 27 votes, Williamson received 16, and 28 submitted no preference.

Republican voters in Marion cast 400 votes for Trump and 338 for Haley.

In Mattapoisett, Trump received 597 votes, followed by 409 for Haley.

Mattapoisett Democratic voters submitted 740 Biden ballots, according to unofficial results. 48 voted for Phillips, and 23 for Williamson. 60 voters cast no preference.