Bridging the way to Eagle Scout

Sep 6, 2023

MARION — When the Sippican Lands Trust needed help to build 12 new bridges for Tucker’s Trail in Marion’s Osprey Marsh, they enlisted the help of local Boy Scouts, including Wareham Troop 39 Scout Haralambos "Labby" Sivvianakis.

Throughout middle and high school, Sivvianakis stuck with the Troop 39 after joining at age 13. Now – after a long bridge-building project for the Sippican Lands Trust in Marion – he’s achieved scouting’s top rank as an Eagle Scout.

The requirements to earn this rank include earning at least 21 merit badges and completing a service project.

As a younger Scout, Sivvianakis had spent time volunteering with the Sippican Lands Trust, helping the trust clear trails of weeds and invasive plant species.

Older, able to use power tools and looking for an Eagle Scout project, Sivvianakis signed on with the Sippican Lands Trust’s multi-Scout project to help construct bridges with his fellow scouts. 

An Eagle Scout from his troop helped Sivvianakis with the blueprints and gave advice on which tools and materials he should use.

After a trip to Home Depot, Sivvianakis was ready to get to work.

All the old bridges were brought to the beginning of the trail for the Sippican Lands Trust to repurpose or dispose of. And new structures were put in place.

After the project was finished, Sivvianakis returned to check the bridges to see if any reinforcements or repairs were necessary.

Due to the design of the bridge, Sivvianakis had to make some adjustments to prevent people from getting their feet stuck in the gaps between wooden planks.

Troop 39 representative Kim Carman said, “Labby is very special to us. He is an amazing young man, and we are very proud of him in our troop.”

Sivvianakis will head to Bristol Community College this fall to study computer science and communications.

Sivvianakis said when he became an Eagle Scout, he was told not many make it that far. He suspects that’s because people think it is too much work.

“If at some point they are feeling that way, they have to remember that it's not as much as it looks,” he said.