Buzzards Bay Coalition asks to start two restoration projects

Sep 9, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — The Buzzards Bay Coalition is starting the process of restoring its “The Bogs” property with two projects, one to gather data and one to eliminate invasive reeds.

As the name implies, the conservation property was once a cranberry bog. However the Buzzards Bay Coalition bought it in 2011 and has taken over the task of returning it to a more natural state.

At a Sept. 9 Conservation Commission meeting Sara Quintal from the Coalition made presentations on the two projects and asked if the Wetlands Protection Act would impact the projects.

For one project, the Coalition would install four shallow groundwater wells and up to three surface wells to monitor water levels.

The wells will let the environmental group to get more accurate information, which will help with plans for the site.

The Coalition is also looking to rid the site of 1.2 acres of invasive reeds, called phragmites. Even since the Coalition bought the Bogs from Decas Cranberry, it has seen the plants spread. Quintal and her colleagues are concerned that when the group starts moving large amounts of soil the invasive species will be quick to take over.

One audience member asked if the group planned to close the connection with Tripp’s Mill Brook, which originally provided water for the bogs.

Quintal said the group would not close it off, but instead would send stormwater flows to the area, to have it be more of a floodplain.

Michael King, the committee’s chairman could see the wisdom in this. “Natural resources areas are very resilient and have the capacity to absorb tremendous quantities of stormwater, he said.

A fellow member, Chapman Dickerson, asked if there was any risk to the pets from the herbicide.

Quintal said that there was not, because “there’s such a small amount and it dries very quickly,” adding that “anyone that’s staying on the trail is not going to come across it.”

The Conservation Commission had no real concerns but continued both hearings until the next meeting for pending paperwork.