Candidate profile: Brad Morse for Rochester Water Commission

May 19, 2021

ROCHESTER — Selectman Brad Morse is running for Water Commission in the May 26 election, and he thinks the town could use some better cohesion between its boards.

“Most decisions require both Board of Selectmen and Water Commission approval,” he said, adding “it’ll open up communication” if he’s on both boards.

Morse said he thinks “it’s a plus” to have someone serve on both the Board of Selectmen and Water Commission, in contrast to his opponent, David Hughes, who thinks the commission should be an entity unto itself.

Morse said being on both boards “will help the boards work together, which is why I decided to seek this position when it became available.”

Morse has experience in regional water agreements, which are used to service water to Rochester.

Morse has been a Rochester resident since 1991, and was previously a Planning Board member before becoming a Selectman.

At Rochester Candidates Night on May 5, Morse said “as a cranberry farmer in town, I have a lot of interest in water.”

He said he’s “very involved” with the town’s water agreement with Wareham, which he believes helps qualify him to be on the Water Commission.

“So I have a vast understanding of that issue,” Morse said.

Morse said he feels the biggest issue the commission faces “is we don’t have a water supply system in our town.”

Morse said he hopes to improve communication with the Board of Selectmen and get the boards “working cohesively together.”

“I know everybody involved and I just want to help out,” he said.

For Morse, it’s about making sure the necessary actions are taken when it comes to water in town.

“We’re all trying to do the same thing,” he said.