Candidate Profile: Joe Zora

Jun 7, 2020

Joe Zora wants to make the assessor’s office more accessible to all. 

He is a trustee at Camp Hadley and was displeased when the camp lost its tax-exempt status in August 2019. 

He said the assessors had multiple appointments that he was not made aware of, and there was no discussion on the decision.

Zora said he was later denied an appointment because he was in litigation with assessors, an action he said assessors later apologized for. 

Based on his experience, “I believe the door should be open for anyone who wants to talk,” said Zora. 

The lifelong Marion resident believes that as an American citizen, veteran and taxpayer he has a right to run for office. 

He graduated Old Rochester Regional High School, went to Wentworth Institute of Technology and later served in the Navy for four years. 

Zora spent most of his career as an electrical engineer at the Sippican Corporation, which ran Sippican Ocean Systems. 

He retired two years ago and has since spent time with his daughter and four grandchildren who live in town. He loves gardening, and projects, like fixing boats and bikes so he can go fishing.