Car crashes through fence, strikes generator on Marion home

Jun 23, 2023

MARION — At approximately 1:20 p.m. on Friday, June 23 a car drove through a fence in the parking lot behind the Marion General Store, striking a power generator.

The car, a Honda CRV, went through the fence and “struck” a generator on the building behind the fence, according to Marion Fire Chief Brian Jackvony. 

The cause of the crash is unknown.

“We have turned the gas off to the generator and we have the electrical inspector responding to take a look at the exposed wiring associated with the generator,” said Jackvony at the scene. 

First response vehicles filled the parking lot while patrons of Kate’s Simple Eats, the Marion General Store and other establishments looked on. 

Marion fire fighters and police officers inspected the vehicle and the building that was hit.

According to Jackvony, the occupant of the vehicle is “being evaluated now ... at this point it looks like the injuries would be minor.”

This crash happened during the Marion Garden Tour, an event hosted by the Marion Garden Group which welcomed guests to peruse backyard gardens throughout Marion village.

One of the stops on the tour, 31 Main Street, is next door to the building that was struck. It was evacuated of guests and Marion Garden Group volunteers.