Cellist and conductor takes the helm at Choral Society

Apr 15, 2019

MARION — Darry Dolezal trained and performs primarily as a cellist, but also has a passion for vocal music that has led him to a new role as the director of the Sippican Choral Society.

“I was actually into vocal music first,” Dolezal said, “One of the first things I did was church choir, and I loved it.” He also sang throughout high school and college, though he doesn’t have a degree in vocal music. 

Even as a young man, Dolezal used to direct his church choir, a trend he continued for a little while after leaving college.

However, he also said that his cello playing “took off” at one point and he decided his professional career would center on the instrument.

Despite the focus on cello, he still finds vocal music “almost therapeutic, a release. Not everyone can play an instrument, but everyone can sing something,” he said. 

Dolezal was not familiar with the tri-town before starting his time with the Sippican Choral Society in September. He commutes from Newton, where he lives, to direct rehearsals.

He has found the Choral Society is a “fun-loving group,” who is also “enthusiastic about singing,”

Though he has played a variety of music professionally, he is thrilled that the music committee for the group selected 40s standards for this next concert.

“I love music from the 40s,” Dolezal said, explaining that the post-Depression period was particularly rich culturally.

“I’m also an old-time radio buff. The 40s were one of the heydays of professional music. Every radio show had its own professional orchestra. And they were fantastic,” Dolezal said.

Dolezal jumped in quickly and after wetting his feet with the winter concert and crafted what he calls “one of the most challenging programs musically,” for the group’s spring concert.

However, he said that, “I haven’t heard a single complaint” from Choral Society members.

The concert will be Sunday, April 28 at 4 p.m. at St. Gabriel’s Church 124 Front Street, Marion. Tickets are available at Euro in Fairhaven, Isabelle’s in Mattapoisett, Serendipity in Marion, The Symphony Music Shop in Dartmouth, or from any chorus member. Tickets are $15 for general admission, $5 for students, and free to anyone under six years old.

For more information, visit www.sippicanchoralsociety.org or call Nancy Sparklin at 508-763-2327 and leave a message.