Children go Easter egg hunting with Sippican Lands Trust

Apr 14, 2019

MARION — Children and families hunted for Easter eggs in an unusual spot on April 14. Instead of searching around the house and in the backyard, kids explored the trail at Peirson Woods.

Sippican Lands Trust, whose mission is to preserve conservation land, hosted the event.

Kids, eager to begin collecting plastic eggs filled with sweets, gathered behind a neon orange ribbon with Easter baskets in hand.

Once the ribbon was broken, small children raced to find hidden eggs hidden by Land Trust members amongst foliage and on logs and branches.

President and Director of Sippican Lands Trust Alan Harris said the event was a success, even though it had been delayed a day due to rainy weather.

“We took a risk and ran it today and it is absolutely gorgeous,” said Harris. “Everybody after the hunt was happy to go for a walk down to the [osprey] platform.”

Executive Director of Sippican Lands Trust Jim Bride said they have been holding an annual Easter egg hunt for five years, with an average of 30 to 60 kids attending each hunt.

Bride said the group hopes to motivate the next generation to protect the land through its events aimed at children.

“Our goal is one, obviously to protect land and conserve land in Marion and two, to get people out on the properties so they can understand what’s out there in nature and appreciate it so that their next generation will be motivated to protect these properties,” said Bride.

4-year-old Kaylee Nephew, who found many eggs, including bear shaped ones, said she enjoyed the egg hunt.

“I liked it so much because I got a bunch of bears,” Nephew said, enthusiastically.

Laurie Kelsch said she and her husband, John, enjoyed egg hunting with their daughter Lilly on the trail. Kelsch said she and her family often walk trails with Lilly.

“It’s one of our first times on the path, and it’s one of our favorites,” said Kelsch.

Bride said the Trust’s next event for children will be Spring Fest on Saturday, April 27, from 10 a.m. to 3 p.m. at Washburn Park. There will be a puppet show performance, face painting, a musical performance by Sippican School students, free food and refreshments, and other activities.