Children swarm Silvershell Beach for St. Gabriel’s Easter Egg Hunt

Apr 1, 2024

MARION — Silvershell beach took on a new look on Saturday, March 30 as 10,000 plastic eggs were placed in the sand and grass for St. Gabriel’s Episcopal Church’s first ever Easter Egg Hunt.

Waves of children in search of sugar eagerly sped around the beach at the sound of St. Gabriel’s Director of Youth and Family Formation Wendy Reardon’s whistle.

Kids were separated by grade level into different groups, taking turns hunting down candy, chocolate and lollipops. Each grade level was able to participate in at least four rounds of hunting. Each hunt was over quickly due to the amount of children in attendance, and the amount of tenacity the children contained.

“It was fantastic — I was a little bit scared but it turned out well,” said Reardon, who got the idea for the event from her time working at a church in Westboro.

Reardon said that the far majority of the planning and preparation for the event was done by members of the church’s youth group. Members of the group helped out with the purchasing and hiding of the Easter eggs, as well as assisting different activities at the event.

Along with the Easter egg hunt, children got their faces painted and gift baskets were raffled off, with proceeds going towards the “Saints” youth groups’ trip to Navajo Nation in June.

I ask so much of them and they always show up and work hard,” said Reardon of the youth group. “They are an amazing group of kids.”

Children in attendance even got the chance to meet the Easter Bunny.

Reardon said the turnout by the community was beyond her expectation for a first time event.

“I'm thrilled, especially because everyone coming knows this is a church-run event,” said Reardon. “Everyone gets to see that we are a welcoming, loving community.”