Covid case decline continues, data show

Jan 29, 2021

Covid cases in the Tri-Town are on the decline for the second week in a row, according to state weekly data.

Last week, cases declined in all three towns for the first time since mid-December. 

Despite the decline, Marion, Mattapoisett and Rochester each remain designated as red communities in the state’s color-coded risk designation system. 

New cases in Marion dropped from 42 last week to 19 in Jan. 28 state data. 

Mattapoisett saw new cases decline by 11 this week, with 14 new cases in Jan. 28 data. 

In Rochester, new cases dropped by just one, with the town reporting 33 new cases this week. 

The decline in cases follows a record surge over the holidays. The surge saw weeks with highs of 46 new cases in Marion, 41 in Mattapoisett and 51 in Rochester. 

As of Jan. 28, Mattapoisett is the only of the three towns to have its new case count dip back below pre-Christmas levels. No towns have had new cases dip below pre-Thanksgiving levels.