Decision on Marion cul-de-sac project postponed

May 21, 2019

MARION — Planning Board members debated how to prevent standing water at a housing project, but waiting for an engineer to clarify the proposal’s details has also left the project standing in place, so to speak.

The third session of a public hearing involving a proposed housing project off of Converse Road was held on May 20. Previous sessions of the hearing were held on April 16 and May 6.

The proposed project would construct a cul-de-sac and two new houses on a 3.6 acre parcel owned by a family at 22 Cove Street LLC.

Marion residents and members of the planning board expressed concerns about the logistics of the proposed development and wanted to wait to hear from the engineer before making a decision.

There is history of flooding and existing wetlands on the site. Plans for the development call for a dry detention pond, but engineers were not present to clarify whether the pond would work.  

“This development has potential to be a minefield of unintended consequences for the abutters,” said board member Eileen Marum.

Marum listed basement flooding and an increase in mosquito population due to standing water among her primary concerns. She said she spent a week researching the topic and even visited the yard of one of the residents.

One meeting attendee said that her basement is below sea level and that she already experiences flooding each spring. Another submitted a letter from a consultant suggesting that the development does not comply with local regulations and stormwater guidelines.

The public hearing will continue at 7:10 p.m. on June 17 at the Marion Town House, 2 Spring St.