Doggett Brook Farm open house

May 5, 2021

ROCHESTER — The Rochester Land Trust is partnering with the Buzzards Bay Coalition to buy and protect the Doggett Brook Farm. 

The property was previously a hotpoint of contention between owner Craig Canning and neighbors. Canning had intended to set up a farmer's market at the site. Neighbors contested the plans, stating that what Canning had proposed wasn't actually agricultural at all, but an industrial facility in disguise.

The Land Trust and Buzzards Bay Coalition plan to sell the property after protecting it with a conservation restriction. 

The trust and coalition expect to sell the property at a loss, to someone who wants to buy a property with the understanding that it will be legally required to be preserved, but will be mostly usable as agriculture, minus a buffer for the waterway at the back.

Those interested in visiting the property and learning more about the project, can join the Land Trust for a walking tour and open house this Saturday, May 8 from 10 a.m. to noon. the trust will be on the property at 220 Marion Road.