The Elizabeth Taber Library thanks its booksale volunteers

Sep 8, 2019

To the Editor:

The Elizabeth Taber Library Board of Trustees and all those involved in Marion’s Elizabeth Taber Library would like to thank Nita Howland and her crew, who unselfishly and tirelessly took on the work of running the 2019 Annual Elizabeth Taber Library Book Sale.

There are many shades of volunteers, but few like Nita Howland.  Each year she takes on the monumental task of putting on the daunting annual book sale, which includes 12 months of sorting through thousands of book donations as well as the set-up and sale each year.

As one of the only private libraries left in the state, the Elizabeth Taber Library must do significant fundraising each year to help balance our budget, including sponsorships, donations and events. The Annual Book Sale is our biggest fundraiser and this year Nita and company made sure the sale was another huge success.

Thank you very much Nita, and thank you to many others who helped including the Marion Department of Public Works, Charlene Sperry, Diana Markle, Genya Hopkins, Nicole Davignon, Sarah Mendes, Emma Williamson, Carol Houdelette, Karilon Grainger, Dana Janik, Laura Pardo, Jorie Borden, Connie Pierce, Stephen Carnazza, John Rolli, Mark Howland, Bob and Judy Rosbe, Meg and Barry Steinberg, Bob Raymond and Peter Sowden.

Without these people, and the silent assistants not mentioned, this event would not have been possible. Thank you all for your time and your dedication in helping to make the Elizabeth Taber Library the center of our town.

Jen Jones
Elizabeth Taber Library Board of Trustees