Elizabeth Taber Library, Tri-Town Against Racism to host popup gallery

Sep 13, 2021

MARION — The Elizabeth Taber Library and local grassroots organization Tri-Town Against Racism are taking submissions for a popup art gallery and ‘zine.  

Artists can create a work of art using any medium that “represents you and your experiences.” 

Participants can pick up a free art canvas at the library to  create a work of art that represents their heritage or experience living in the Tri-Town and return it to the library to be displayed in its pop-up gallery throughout the fall.  

Canvases will be available at the Elizabeth Taber Library throughout September and October. Finished canvases can be returned to the library with a brief message and contact information. 

For more information visit us online at www.ElizabethTaberLibrary.org or follow us on Facebook and Instagram.  To speak to a librarian call 508-748-1252.