Girl Scouts share the secrets to selling cookies

Mar 6, 2023

MARION— The members of Girl Scout Troop 67047 shouted “Girl Scout cookies” outside the Captain Hadley House in Marion on Sunday, March 5 in an attempt to drum up sales. 

Between yelling and dancing, the scouts employed a number of colorful tactics to entice new customers.

According to Girl Scout Olivia Carrillo, 10, the troop’s main strategy to generate sales was to be “loud and proud.”

“If someone has their window down we yell ‘over here,’” she explained.

Girl Scout Vivi Spinaole, 9, followed the “loud and proud” model with her own sales tactics.

“I start dancing as much as I can and just party, ”she said. “Or you can scream and sing old fashioned songs, like holiday songs.” she said.

If Spinaole’s vocals didn’t attract customers, self proclaimed con-artist Amelie Blakesley, 10, took advantage of her innocent demeanor when it came to approaching customers. 

“I put on the charm because we are young and cute enough to get people to buy an extra box of cookies,” Blakesley said.

From classic Thin Mints to a newly added brownie and caramel flavored cookie called “Adventurefuls,” Troop 67047 had something for every taste. 

“The Thin Mints or Caramel Delights are the most popular,” said Kaleigh Clark, 10.

The troop was joined by members of the Marion Fire and Police Departments, local EMS and Plymouth County District Attorney Tim Cruz.

“This year, the cookie booth happens to be in March, which is Women’s History Month, so it’s definitely fitting to support our future women leaders,” said Cruz.

Although the scouts enjoyed practicing their sales skills, Blakesley said that just spending time with her friends is “an amazing experience.”