High school, junior high principals applaud start to school year

Sep 15, 2021

After the first couple weeks of the school year, officials at Old Rochester Regional High School and Junior High had nothing to sing but praises about the return to classes.

“To see kids moving and mixing it up,” Junior High Principal Silas Coellner said at a Sept. 15 OR School Committee meeting, was refreshing.

He added that the effort to get school started began weeks before the first day of classes. Before the start of school, the junior high held tours of the building for parents, bringing more than 70 visitors, Coellner said.

In addition, the principal said there was over 90% participation in the school’s orientation day, where incoming seventh graders received their schedules and participated in a scavenger hunt.

And, after two weeks of classes, extracurricular activities including clubs and sports have started up in full force.

“We had late busses yesterday for the first time,” Coellner said.

High School Principal Michael Devoll noted that the return to school calls back to “what school was like, and will be like,” in the future.