Housing development proposed in Marion

Jun 19, 2019

 MARION — Selectmen will represent the interests of the town as Steen Realty and Development Corporation, the developer of Marion Village Estates, looks to construct another development. The proposed development would be built in the vicinity of  78 to 110 Wareham rd. It would consist of 96 housing units in the form of townhouses of two to three units each.

The Wareham Rd. development will be done under section 40B of Massachusetts law.

But, unlike some developments under that section, where the town has little control, Steen Realty and Development Corporation plans to do what Selectmen called a “friendly 40B,” where Selectmen and other departments are given control over the project’s regulations, instead of state agencies.

Steen Realty presented the project at a Housing Trust meeting last week, and will return before the trust on July 9.

Selectmen have also called a special meeting on July 18 for Steen Realty to present the project to them.

However, the board plans to circulate the information that Steen has provided about the development to department heads before the meeting, to allow them to bring up any concerns.

Town Administrator Jay McGrail will serve as negotiator for the meeting, bringing any of the Selectmen’s or department heads’ concerns to Steen before July 18, so that the developer can address them.

After the presentation, Selectmen would vote to recommend the project or not. If they give Steen a thumbs up, the developer would go to the state Department of Housing and Community Development.

If approved there, the project would come back to the Marion Zoning Board of Appeals for a comprehensive review.