How a business evolves with life

Feb 11, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — When Teah Keogh, founder of Anchor Me, gave birth, her daughter became her anchor. So much so, that it made sense to change the name of her business to Olive and I after her 13-month-old daughter.

“Everything I would do was ‘Olive and I.’ Olive and I are working from home today, Olive and I are going to the zoo,” Keogh said, to explain what went behind the name. 

Though Keough’s anchor bracelets exploded when she launched them six years ago, her new collection focuses on stud earrings.

“When I started making earrings, people loved them, the stores all loved them,” Keogh said. 

Keogh plans to offer four different types of earrings as the basis of her brand. She will keep her sparkly druzy earrings, though she will offer fewer colors. She will also offer scaly mermaid earrings, moon and stars earrings, and a variety of pearl earrings. 

Though Olive is too young to participate in the business, Keogh named the collections after qualities that she would like Olive to have. Her moon and star earrings represents bohemian, the mermaid earrings whimsy and the druzy earrings sparkle.

Keogh says her husband has “made a few jokes,” about the name, but ultimately,“he’s so supportive of me and the company.”

She envisions that Anchor Me will just fade into Olive and I, though both lines will be available on the website.

For Keogh, it just made sense to combine the two biggest parts of her life after she moved back from Colorado and returned from a brief maternity leave. 

“Being a mom is the best thing that has ever happened to me. Being able to run my own company is the second best,” she said, adding that, “I’m so grateful that I have this outlet.”

Though the rebranding has been a lot of work, for Keogh it just seems natural.

“I’m not the woman I was when I started Anchor Me,” she states.