Hundreds run at the Mother’s Day Tiara 5K race

May 12, 2019

MATTAPOISETT — Hundreds of people of all ages ran and walked 3.1 miles at the Women's Fund Mother's Day Tiara race on May 12.

Over 300 participants of all ages gathered at the start line at the Oxford Creamery.

Those who didn’t race stood at the sidelines to cheer on the runners as they raced to break the white ribbon at the finish line.

Underneath a tent placed near the race’s start point, volunteers served donuts, water, brownies, and other snacks. At the end of the race, participants received ice cream, cupcakes, and water to celebrate their achievement.

All of the race’s proceeds go to the Women’s Fund, set aside as grants for organizations focused on supporting and helping women and girls.

Executive Director of the Women’s Fund, Valerie Bassett said the race was started by a group of women runners 13 years ago.

The race, said Bassett, is all about female empowerment and family. It also gives back to the Women’s Fund.

“It’s a Mother’s Day tradition, so it’s a great way to celebrate yourself as a mother, to honor your mother, to do something with your daughter,” said Bassett, “We have so many families that use this day to run together.”

The first person to cross the finish line was Duxbury resident Tim Francis, whose girlfriend also participated. Francis wanted to run in honor of his late mother who passed away long ago.

“It felt pretty good. I didn’t expect to win, to be honest,” said Francis, “I wanted to run hard and thought I could maybe be in the top five, so I was a little surprised.”

Coming in second place was Marion resident Graham Poirier.

Dartmouth resident Rebecca Cotugno came in first for the women and third overall, which made her feel good.

“It’s exciting, and it’s always fun to race and break the tape,” said Cotugno, “It’s a great feeling. It’s so fun to watch everyone and see everyone achieving their goals.”

People can check out the race’s results at