It's Taco Tuesday all week long at new Mattapoisett food truck

Feb 21, 2023

MATTAPOISETT— Meghan St.John strives to provide a taco for every taste with her latest culinary venture What The Taco, a little yellow taco truck parked outside Mahoney’s Building Supply in Mattapoisett.

“I wanted to start off with a small menu but I wanted to have different options,” she said. 

Despite being in the restaurant business for 13 years this is the first time that St.John has worked in the kitchen.

Prior to starting What The Taco, St.John worked as a waitress at Turk’s Seafood and The Stowaway.

“It’s a huge difference to be cooking the food for your customers but I’m having a lot of fun,” she said.

Although he never worked in a commercial kitchen, St. John hosted  weekly “Taco Tuesday” dinners  for her friends which inspired her to pursue What The Taco.

“They told me that my tacos were so good that I should start selling them,” she said.

St. John’s tacos run the gamut from sweet potato to scallop and classic birra.

Although the birra and al pastor tacos are the most popular dishes, St. John said she recommends customers to try the sweet potato taco.

“People try it and they are so shocked that it's so good because it's just sweet potato,” she said. 

Three weeks into the business, St. John said that she and her crew are starting to nail down a routine.

“Every week we get more organized, every week it gets better and better.”

St. John is already preparing for the summer by developing a seating area complete with sand and beach toys. 

“It will be a place where you can come after the beach and get something quick to eat,” she said.

St. John also hopes to add another food truck to the location that features  a yet-to-be-determined cuisine. 

“Little by little we will see how it goes and continue to add on,” she said. 

But for right now St. John said that the truck’s small  kitchen gets the job done.

“For what I need [the truck] is awesome,” St.John said.