Jack LeBrun

May 10, 2024

As Jack LeBrun returns to Mattapoisett upon completing his undergraduate degree in legal studies and psychology at UMass Amherst, he said he thought about how he can “best make an impact on the community.”

He is running for a three-year seat on the Mattapoisett School Committee in part because of his “passion for Mattapoisett.”

“When I saw this opportunity, I thought this might be a great intersection between my experiences and my abilities to help students in an academic setting,” LeBrun said.

LeBrun, who attended Center School and Old Hammondtown School, said education has been a huge part of his life.

Attending those schools “set a strong foundation” for the success LeBrun has achieved, he said.

A real estate agent, LeBrun said “facilitating productive negotiations” — like those between the district and teachers — is an asset he can bring to the School Committee and that he’d like to make sure he can “engage with parents and educators and students and the community to create a shared vision for the district's future.”

LeBrun also said he wants to advocate for professional development opportunities for teachers “so that they feel that they're best supported to support the children.”

Other priorities for Mattapoisett schools include improving reading support and scores, which LeBrun said have declined within the system in recent years, and finding other financial opportunities, according to LeBrun.

“We just have to be smart financially, and that's why I want to be making sure we're utilizing grants from all different places to make sure we're not burdening the taxpayers of our town,” LeBrun said.

As issues within Mattapoisett schools are addressed, the School Committee should be “thoughtful and smart in how we are addressing our education of our students as a whole,” LeBrun said.